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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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bad. kennedy: i'm grateful that we have kmele to keep it real. thank you for watching us tonight. follow us on twitter. this is "the independents." e-mail us anytime. in thank you and have a great night.
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>> >> but i actually think the issue has surfaced in a way that is helping. >> probably helping? the american public just disagrees with the president the latest fox pulled says 62 percent fines race relations have worsened since president obama took office up 25 points since 2010. new york city police
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commissioner blasting the obama white house and the attorney general and his department of justice for attacking his department in the wake of eric garner grand jury decision. >> they really do feel under attack rank-and-file officers and much of police leadership that they feel they are under attack from the federal government at the highest levels. that is something we need to understand also the sense of deception now becomes a reality. lou: walking a thin blue line between defending his cops and placating his boss mayor de blasio reminding the mayor of his disdain for him and his administration. fox news correspondent david miller with a report. >> it was a tough crowd for york mayor de blasio as he approached the podium to begin his speech before graduating police officers friends and family boo'd.
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there were hecklers. >> you will confront all the problems that plague our society that you did not create. >> someone then shouted you did and others responded with applause club clap. >> the mayor never acknowledged that atmosphere but focus on the contribution of police. >> it is a noble calling because you stand for everyone around you. user of the people of the greatest city in the world. >> only two days later police turned their back on the mayor as he spoke the union and others blamed him to create the environment leading to the shooting of two officers and the commissioner said it was the wrong time and place to make a political statement. >> that funeral was held to honor those officers and to
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bring that into the vet was inappropriate and i do not support it. >> ready guiliani criticized the police but he said de blasio made a mistake by giving the impression he sided with the demonstrators. >> i do believe mayor de blasio apologize for christ said that a number one and he would get it over with if he did. >> but today there was no vehicle but those who came to the graduation ceremony want the mayor to show more solidarity with the police. >>. >> i cannot say he has blood on his hands but he played a very large part -- part of what has taken place. >> as he tries to improve his relationship $120,000 has been raised for the families of the tuzla and officers and relearned the funeral for officers -- a second officer will take place on monday and final
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arrangements were delayed because family members are traveling from as far away as china. lou: david b. miller. the longest war officially ending over the weekend to complete the 30-year combat mission in afghanistan now un mission for 11,000 troops left in the country advising and assisting afghan security forces to fight the taliban. our fox news correspondent has the report. >> at nato headquarters a hand-picked audience watched the end of nato ground operations after 30 years of war, $1 trillion, 3500 troops killed. a demonstration of obama as promised to end combat operation by year's end. >> because of the service of men and women in american armed forces, afghanistan
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has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it will not be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> the same day the flag was rolled up in callable for afghan soldiers were killed repelling the latest attack. 30 years of u.s. involvement has done nothing to change nothing of the tribal allegiance. >> the taliban sees this as an opportunity and we will now see more operations in the near term over 18 months rather than am less. >> another analyst says the president is making promises he cannot keep. >> he may have declared the war over but it ain't over. >> the administration made similar claims in iraq for years ago. >> as president obama declared in the oval office last night, the united states has ended our combat mission to iraq. >> into the void stepped ice is requiring a new u.s.
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commitment of the visors and air strikes the administration quietly change the drawdown plan authorizing use of fighter jets and bombers sandro's to support afghan troops all part of a residual force of 13200500. 11,000 will be americans. >> how much they will be called upon is how willing the national afghan will fight for how much the taliban steps up attacks and that it was the deadliest year yet with civilians hitting the 10,000 mark for the first time. lou: the 114th congress will not be sworn in until next month but the president is already threatening to veto legislation from the incoming republican majority. >> there will be some areas where we disagree. i have not use the veto pen
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since i have been in office now i suspect there will be times i have to pull that out. lou: for there part republicans are eager to you derailed of policies with environmental protection agency regulation. congress comes back january january 6. market on your calendars. we are coming right back. >> our commander-in-chief has ended the war in afghanistan and now wants to open embassies. what about p'yongyang?
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lou: president obama will not rule reopening in america is an embassy in tehran also telling npr he believes iran can become a very successful regional power if it agrees to a nuclear deal. he said russia was a regional power and here to straighten this out is former commandant of the u.s. army war college and fox news military analyst. great to have you here. start with the idea of regional power is this the only metric the president
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believes is valid to designate regional power with russia or iran? >> you are absolutely right. he was to deal with the big boys said they are truly part of the axis of evil but iran once nuclear weapons than one to deal with us to allow them to get close enough to developing a nuclear weapon to finish it in six months or less and they want the sanctions lifted. we all know who was killing the soldiers in iraq. we know who was training al qaeda it was the iranians does anyone believe they have given up any desire to take us on? does anybody believe that?
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in just talking to them who will do have a strategic plan and if we continue down the path we will also. >> they are romancing the ayatollah. but to act as if there is no history over context. this is incomprehensible. >> as serious as we take afghanistan and syria and iraq the a hundred pound gorilla is a ram. so for advanced technology they once and unlike korea
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to build a missile system that can deliver at least to israel perhaps even in western europe and you cannot romance you simply have to confront them because the day will come they will have a nuclear weapon and when that day comes whole day changes fundamentally. >> meanwhile, isis 31 missions last week running at the leadership of isis successfully we were told by yet the fight goes on and to understand the parameters are the objectives are the goals or the effectiveness we do have a body count or
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any way to tell what are the metrics for success? >> the military is sharing it with me in the information i have gotten so far is very very disappointing. these nine brigades that will take the offensive some time next year to recapture cities simply is not jellying very well. at the same time if they continue to consolidate their power people don't like the fact they have electricity 24 hours but they did with the previous regime and they are at a point where ices continues to grow to work diligently to worker conquest into the state meanwhile the iraqi
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army is not getting fair it will be a year or more before we see the iraqi army take that. >> one wonders about the dilution of our leadership since the president said united states is safer and more secure because of the afghan war? tucson it is incomprehensible for most of us. thank you for making everything comprehensible as always. happy new year. be sure to vote to which of the cd believe the president will open first? of vienna, to ron or p'yongyang? cast your vote. town in cheek a little bit. the president makes a personal apology after his golf game forced to argue
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captains to relocate zero wedding of a golf course there was a majestic views they wanted their server get the 16th tee box but the president wanted to play in and did. he ended up having his way as you would expect him later he called the couple to apologize and to congratulate them. up next the president's administration escalating another board here at home. next. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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lou: breaking news u.s. navy destroyer has joined one dozen aircraft and other ships to search for air asia flight that disappeared from radar yesterday the third malaysia based commercial aircraft to disappear this year and investigations have zeroed in on to potential clues as to what happened as it headed to singapore with
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all suspicious objects have been cited in does java sea but those are hundreds of miles apart and where the plane disappeared. this may sound familiar. but it has dimmed looking for survivors saying that the plane is likely at the bottom of the sea and a few thoughts on the president and his attorney general and top rates advisers al sharpton. all of them insist on prosecuting a war against those who protect the answer of american citizens every day. war of the officers acknowledging the of law enforcement with the ongoing attacks are almost 800,000 men and women across the country. >> they really do feel under
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attack that they feel they're under attack at the highest levels so that is something we need to understand also a sense of deception that becomes a reality. >> of course, the reason many officers feel they're under attack is because they are. attorney general holder and president obama are leading the attack and reverend sharpton is part of that while serving as top advisor to president obama. sharpton needs to be pushed out as former mayor rudy guiliani says. if there is any help to repair relations with police mr. obama needs to end his relationship with sharpton. >> he has had him to the white house 85 times. often when he talks about police issues he has al sharpton sitting next to him. if he would like a poster
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boy for haiti and police it is al sharpton if you make him a close advisor the police will go against you to say we don't understand the. >> and police officers know or that it seems that obama will indeed doing as the mayor recommends. in new york city they made a statement turning their backs on de blasio. now is time for the president to turn his back on racial politics and also exploit race for the ideological purposes and to divide rather than unite to. the quotation from the evening from french philosopher montesquieu who developed separation of powers philosophy. that there is no crueler tierney them that that is perpetuated under the shield
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law and under the name of justice. we will be right back. mayor de blasio boo'd as c addresses the newest members of the police department and now what has become the most toxic soup -- toxic
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lou: as new york city mayor
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de blasio is boo'd but a police graduation ceremony that your post said officers are turning a blind eye to minor crimes. the next guest says de blasio needs to address the of friction he has created with the new york city police department and it needs to begin with his apology to them. joining us is former new york city police commissioner and former department of corrections commissioner founder and ceo of the character group. is there any likelihood of man not gifted with women's modesty will pop apologize? >> i think he has to. with the ones the respect i heard of what was said yesterday and he is right on point that they feel under attack. this is been going on for
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weeks. and if the mayor does not want to reverse the trends trends, the crime trends of the '80s and '90s with the cops starting to back off quality of life issues are backing off aggressive enforcement to keep the crime rates down in this city said he has to do something that fits this relationship and he needs to apologize. lou: at the same time these officers across the city backing off minor crimes or however you style them that one could hardly blame them because the leadership is uncertain to the point to be ambiguous but also its rhetoric until the shooting of those officers the killing of those two officers the mayor was
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decided the outright hostile >> that rhetoric not only impacted the officers here in new york city but impacted in other areas around the country if you are following the news over the last 72 hours there has been attempted this assassinations are shootings of cops in louisiana north carolina, last night in los angeles. where the cops are being targeted just like those in new york. that has to stop it will take leadership. lou: let's start with bratton. he walked down the thin blue line in between the police officers and the mayor that he oversees. and did a brilliant job but
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also the only one i have heard from from this administration. >> it is no secret i have enormous amount of respect for bill bratton in the call him the architect of crime reduction in the entire country starting in 1994 with new york city. it took a lot to change this city employe leasing. to do with in l.a. and boston. if there is anyone that will fix this it will be bill bratton and the mayor said lot to self in their room with bratton to have a serious conversation and let bratton guide him through this because if he does not apologize to the men and women of the n.y.p.d. to make him understand he is there to support them we
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will have issues over the next three years. lou: there is another aspect with the very idea that law enforcement is under assault by the president of united states. it will take more from him as well to change the rhetoric to isolated incidents that were laid out by this administration the president attorney-general al sharpton with a broad swath of police officers across the country with racism and vetted is pure hogwash but being peddled by the top law-enforcement officer in the country the national liberal media is flipping over them sells. what can be done about that? >> what does sharpton have to do with the policies of policing this country? he is an opportunist you
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takes advantage of the circumstances. get rid of the al sharpton. he is bad for policy he is bad for policing. he is bad for society in general and creates friction between police departments and communities. if i was the mayor i would have nothing to do with the guy. lou: the business roundtable the chamber of commerce a corporate america is scared to death of him and their knees are not being. >> key is only as powerful as you allow him to be. think about with his time in this city we never heard from him. never. lou: how times have changed. lou: we can tell you there was not much trading but it was mixed.
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at the box office though poppet held onto first place with the second weekend period $41 million for warner brothers. and broken second place and into the woods third-place overall roughly 85 percent up over last year the biggest jump in a decade. after unilaterally opening cuba's president obama of hinted normalizing relations with iran. that's right. next. you know your dentures can move, unlike natural teeth. try fixodent plus true feel. the smooth formula helps keep dentures in place. it's free of flavors and colorants, for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it.
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lou: the president did an interview with npr with his executive amnesty for illegal immigrants and deliver this message to republicans. >> your view is immigrants are fundamentally bad to the country or that we have the option to you deport
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11 million immigrants regardless of the disruptions or the cost. who we are as americans are reject them. lou: he should. and former u.s. ambassador to united nations former governor of new mexico bill richardson great to have you with us. why would the president say nonsense of native americans with republicans be leaving in deporting 11 million? and it is unseemly rhetoric. >> i think the president has spent frustrated on a
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comprehensive immigration reform. so with that immigration bill that secures the border to deal with those undocumented workers but there is still a lot of raw wounds from the election from the immigration announcement that he made this is the period right before the start of the next congress when you get that out. of soviet annunciations of the president and executive orders. what is important now that senator mccain and lindsay gramm and the people to come together to give it one more shot.
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to see if we can have a comprehensive bill. that is what the goal should be. lou: i just want to fits this is an we could have done this years ago if we took the incremental approach of border security the four bills identified but the president insists on bill whole thing is that of half of it but the ignorance prevailed. that is really beneath this country on the left and the right. >> i think president bush, and george w. bush have a the best approach that failed in his own party so this is both parties speeling to do with the
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issue. >> but that represents border security. it is a whistle to get everything you want to. in those you are interested in the well-being of the emigrants to compromise. with the war in the white house or congress or senate or the chamber of commerce or the business roundtable. it is time to get real. >> but the next two years even though it was written off but the political forces the republicans need to make
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this a major priority i think there is some hope. but i would not give up hope yet. lou: i think the country will come to its senses. as soon as why we get past the president will not rule out the embassy and to ron. busy ahead of himself? >> you know, how politicians say never say never? but i don't think anybody is ready to open an a embassy much less the president. there is an american marine
10:47 pm
and political prisoners. they're working with russia to undermine us. but i just wish the president let's do the cube the normalization which i support to get an emigration bill and deal with isis. with too much normalization with iran right now. and a thank the president meant that. lou: you give considerable comfort. happy new year. global health officials reported 20,000 people worldwide have contracted ebola more than 7000 have died.
10:48 pm
just yesterday the white house warned the deadly virus still poses a global threat and we could see more cases here in this country. where a pivot point but this will not be done until we get to uts the forest fire. >> here at home we made to begin strides to prepare for the occasional case that we will see on our shores. >> one of the are rare public appearances but to say it is unacceptable and the technician involved shows signs of infection but also the fda has approved with the ebola test for emergency use that can test
10:49 pm
it within three hours which the current test takes one day. police commissioner bill bratton will blast obama and attorney general holders justice department. we're taking it up here. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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há lou: joining us now, "the a-team" tonight. new york post, fox news
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contributor michael goodwin. former advisor leslie sanchez. let's start with bill bill bratton. he's standing up. frankly he's the only one in city government who is mature, responsible, intelligent and sensitive enough to have a voice. thank god he's using it. >> in that case you're absolutely right, lou. he stood up against what i also believe is an assault on the police by the elected democratic leaders of this country the president the attorney general, the mayor of new york. there are unfortunately other occasions where bill bratton has tried to walk a fine line and have it both ways. he's created some confusion here in new york about whose side he's really on. some days he seems to be four square with the mayor. other days, four square with the troops. so i think it remains to be seen how he plays out. lou: he was also the boss -- the police boss out in los angeles
10:54 pm
leslie, your impressions of him there and the job he did and is generally regarded as having done. >> i wish i knew more about his history here. one thing i will tell you that is the sentiment regardless of what coast you're on, it's definitely a time for that type of leadership. i agree that he split hairs in terms of what side of the fence he was on. this is what people are looking for. a very bold effort. part of this healing effort and leadership process moving forward. lou: he had the guts to say of his police officers, they really do feel under attack. rank-and-file officers and much of american police leadership that they feel they're under attack by the federal government at the highest levels. that's a to hell with you, mr. president, and mr. attorney general stop the nonsense and why in the world are you doing business with al sharpton. that's effectively what
10:55 pm
he's saying. right? >> many people will agree with you. and that is exactly -- he's echoing the statements that many law enforcement, especially nypd are feeling right now. that type of scrutiny by the federal government when they don't know all the circumstances, maybe causing a lot more heat than light in this circumstance. and i think that's really where the tension lies, is how the federal government is being perceived. looking for leadership on this issue and standing behind our men and women in uniform. yes, there are bad seeds. yes, that needs to be investigated. that's not what we're talked about in this case. lou: even to say there are bad seeds, michael the reality is we're talking about a handful of instances out of 800,000 -- almost 800,000 cops in this country. and for the president to have made this a national problem that requires a national solution when will someone say, to hell with it. can you start talking
10:56 pm
straight. talk about what's empirical just once. >> this is what this president has done on every agenda on his to-do list. whether it's the health system. oh, it's all broken. 85% of the public were quite happy with their health insurance when he said that. he goes ahead as though saying something is true makes it true. therefore you can pass a federal law. race relations. he'll fix it by himself. police communication. it's all broken according to to have. this is the code word for an assault that's coming. >> let's not forget the 70% -- to echo both those points. there's a 70% approval rating of nypd. you don't see that now. but it's certainly how this is all perceived. and how the leadership especially the president -- lou: the reality, it may be higher than that right now in this city.
10:57 pm
because the city is showing great support for the police department. it's madness for this mayor. and you've written about it. you discussed it. i mean, the reality is this city right now is under assault by the -- by the president the attorney general, al sharpton, and mayor de blasio. what kind of -- what kind of mayor thinks he's going to win by dividing a city between its police department and its elected officials? >> well, you know, lou i just came off the streets of this city. they are jam-packed with tourists around the world. when you see them, they feel completely safe in new york. why is that? they implicitly trust the new york city department. if only the mayor and the president and the attorney general trusted them as much as the tourists from china and europe and pittsburgh did, this city would be absolutely fine. but they're the ones the political officials who have put the cops in the crosshair.
10:58 pm
and i'm afraid, we're seeing these shootings all around the country this is a direct result, as bill bratton said, a direct link to the protests. lou: shootings in los angeles now. people going after cops there. leslie, 30 seconds. but, i mean what in the world is -- i don't hear the republican party standing up here? and there's a great opportunity to do that. >> no. i don't. you did hear former commissioner ray kelly come out and say the mayor had run on an anti-police campaign. lou: i'm talking about one of the presumed presidential candidates. one of the top leaders in the senate or the house. somebody in the national leadership in the republican party should be standing up. this silence is sickening. >> i agree with you lou, completely. now is the opportunity to talk about what leadership is. to stand hipped behind the men and women who work in these positions. to find a way to echo their concerns with public safety.
10:59 pm
so many large cities like new york and los angeles are more safe today than in the last ten years. lou: absolutely. thank you so much. good to have you with us. thank you for being with us. now the wrap up. today black monday. the day nfl coaches -- i wish we could extend that to politics. that's another story. four firings in the nfl. the bears booted mark tress men. mark smith is fired. more of that stuff. and jim couldn't have been happier to be forced out as 49ers coach. ending a bitter relationship. turning the football biz on its head. landing the biggest contract everywhere he was an all american quarterback. lost glory and fill the big you house. 109,000 seats. that's a lot of them. he's being paid a lot.
11:00 pm
8 million plus. how big a deal is it? let's put it this way. when the sports world should be focused on a 7 billion playoff it's focused on jim's. go ducks. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. neil: welcome. glad to have you. my special thanks to david asman for all his great work while i was out. now to a president whose cockiness i couldn't figure out. barack obama says he feels liberated. why do i feel kind of violated? clearly emboldened that he seems to think the poll numbers give him the license to do whatever he wants. even those poll numbers keep him in the basement. may i remind the president that he might be off the mat. he makes a mockery of a midterm election he's chosen to ignore. not all elections have


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